Denis Hierholzer


My own Websites

My Blog –
My personal blog – German: USA-Auswanderung und IT-Zeugs

Family Tree – Hierholzer and Kurkov
This website contains the two family trees of the families Hierholzer and Kurkov

Stuff I'm dealing with

Winzergenossenschaft Erzingen e.G.
wingrower association (webmaster)

Gemeindebuecherei Klettgau
public library (webmaster and system administrator)

Our two cute cats
See the Facebook page of our two cats Tabby and Tinka

Interesting pages

Family Tree of [Indlekofer-Erzingen]
Family Tree of my grand ma's side – search for “Kurt Hierholzer”

free operating system compatible with MS Windows

American Dream
US Green Card Lottery

Galilio Computing
free IT ebooks